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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  October 21, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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gnnew information on the pls of joe biden. a powerful political insider who has been speaking with the vice president tells us what he knows about a pending announcement. for the job no one seems to want, paul ryan says sure, i'll run for speaker, but here is my list of demands. will the fractured gop conference back him? sex, cash, strippers, allegations of x-rated college recruitment. one of the biggest college basketball programs in the country under fire. could it now claim the job of one of the nation's most famous coaches? i'm john berman. >> and i'm kate bolduan. thanks for joining us. joe biden keeping everyone guessing about his presidential intentions. but listening to him in the past couple of days alone, it sure
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sounds like he has campain talking points down. the vice president appeared to take some not-so-subtle jabs at hillary clinton yesterday and the day before. >> joining us is a man who has apparently had more than one revealing phone conversation with the vice president over the last few days, harold shakeberger, the president of the international association of firefighters. sir, thank you so much for being with us. did the vice president tell you that he is running for president? >> well, first of all, any conversations i would have with the vice president would be private and privileged. so i wouldn't share what the vice president said to me. i will tell you that in an attempt to answer your question, our union is preparing as if the vice president is going to announce his candidacy. >> do you think he is going to run for president? i'm not asking you what he told you. i'm asking you what's in your head. do you think he's going to do it? >> well, we wouldn't be
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preparing our activities and preparing to support his candidacy if we didn't think that he was preparing to announce. >> do you think there's still a decision to be made here, sir, or do you think it is just now a question of when he will announce? >> i really do think he's been going through this process very carefully, very deliberately. he's been doing his due diligence. he's checking off those boxes. he's reaching out to ensure, you know, can he raise sufficient funds? does he have the infrastructure ready to go into place? is he ready to connect with the various constituency groups? and i guess i'm answering your question that he's really still going through this process. and not to be pushed by these, as i describe them, artificial deadlines that have been reported, you know, it was the debate, then it was imminent, then it was 48 hours. then it's the hearings. then it's the j.j. dinner.
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and what i believe is that he's been very consistent, and he's going through his process leading up to making that final decision. >> so when? are we talking today? tomorrow? friday? the jefferson jackson dinner which is in iowa is saturday. you think it could be after saturday? >> i -- i think that those alleged or perceived deadlines are irrelevant to the vice president. he will announce his decision when he has fully vetted and determined whether or not he's ready to offer himself up to the american people to become our next president. >> i do want to get your sense, though, you are very politically aware on what you think, then, if those are -- if those are artificial deadlines, what are the deadlines that actually matter? what is the president, then -- the vice president, then, still weighing? a lot of folks coming out of the debate said after hillary clinton's strong performance, there wasn't space left there
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for joe biden. and then folks said nope, the debate isn't going to have any impact on his decision. so what's left for him to weigh? >> well, i mean, i think part of this is making that -- really that personal last gut check. the vice president is a very experienced, seasoned politician. you know, this is a man that's served in the senate for over 30 years and as our vice president for seven. and i don't think he's going to be pushed in any way to make a decision until he's prepared to make it and then announce it. now, i think there are realities with some of the filing deadlines. i'd be probably less than genuine if i didn't acknowledge, you know, there's certain aspects of running that dictate a candidacy. but certainly none of these that have been portrayed or reported i don't believe are a factor at
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all in his decision-making process. i think that he will make that decision. and when he makes it, if it's to announce his candidacy, it will be done in a time where he will be able to run an effective campaign. >> you said your organization would not be preparing as it is now to help him get in the race if you did not think that it was likely he was going to get in. does that mean that you will be surprised or would be surprised at this point if he announces he's not running? >> well, i think i'd have to say yes to that question. we're preparing as if the vice president is going to announce. his candidacy. >> that's a very big statement. you are the head of a very influential union. you are very politically astute. you've been very close to vice president biden for years. what's going to be different this time for him, harold, mr. schaitberger, than the last go 'round running for president?
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>> well, when you say different, i tell you what we know and what the firefighters and paramedics, the 300,000 of the members of our international union know. and that is the vice pesident is truly genuine. he's authentic. he really knows how to connect with people. he knows how to connect with workers. he speaks the language, and he embraces the policies. this is a person that has a long track record of working on behalf of the middle class, working class. >> on that note -- >> he understands blue-collar workers. what he will provide is a genuine and authentic opportunity for people to say this is the person i want to be my president. >> on that note, we all know that hillary clinton's campaign has been strongly courting the support of your members, of your group. you say he's truly genuine. he is authentic.
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is hillary clinton not, then? >> no. i'm not saying that. what i'm focused on and what i'm certainly saying is all of the attributes and all of the skills and the pluses that we believe the vice president would bring to the office of president. i would not make any value judgment in any of the other candidates that are currently running for the same office. >> harold schaitberger, thanks so much for being with us. really appreciate your insight here. you are one of the few who has spoken to the vice president and is talking out loud. thank you. >> thank you. thank you for having me. let's continue this conversation and let's bring in luis navarro, biden's campaign manager back in 2008. it's great to see you again. thanks for coming in. i want to get your reaction to what we heard from harold schaitberger right there, that he would be surprised now if joe biden does not get into the race. >> well, obviously, since he's spoken to the vice president, i
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would, you know, have to defer to his judgment and his sense of what that conversation led him to the conclusion of. so i think really if, in fact, that is where the vice president is leaning at this juncture and is beginning to line up support, then the question is simply when. >> luis, you know the vice president. what's he doing now? over the last couple of days, he has said things which, you know, people say are thinly veiled shots at hillary clinton. they're really not veiled at all. hillary clinton, in the debate last week, talked about she was asked who the enemy she has that she's proudest of are, and she named the republicans there. and i think at least three times over the last few days joe biden has gone out of his way to say no, no, no, republicans aren't our enemies. they're our friends. listen to what he said. >> the other team is not the enemy. if you treat it as the enemy, there is no way we can ever,
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ever, ever resolve the problems we have to. >> so, you know, if he's not running now, what is he doing? >> well, i mean, i think part of this is simply a function of how the vice president views politics. as he often has said, he never questions his opponents' motivations. he only questions on occasion their judgments. and so i think that, you know, he is obviously talking about his perspective which i don't think is anything particularly new in that regard. but i think what is most important as president schaitberger referred to and as was referred in last week's letter to senator ted coffman and what he will be expected to do once he gets into this race which is to identify what he is for, what it is that he will do if he is the next president of the united states. >> luis, you kind of raise the question that everyone's wondering, and you're better to answer it than anyone when.
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if this is where the vice president's leaning right now, when is he going to announce? what left is there to weigh other than how to perfectly time the announcement? what do you think? >> well, i think as, again, president schaitberger preferred to, there are some practical deadlines that begin to come into play. for example, alabama will have a filing deadline at the end of october. if you're talking about a super tuesday strategy that may be a factor in the vice president's considerations, new hampshire's filing deadline is november 20th. florida, november 30th, i believe. and so these are states that have a lot of symbolic as well as practical considerations for anyone running for president. and let's keep in mind that historically ted kennedy waited until november of '79 to run. mario cuomo had a plane famously on the tarmac in albany in
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december of 1991-- i'm sorry, ted kennedy in '79. and so i think that it all depends, you know, what are the sort of strategic objectives when the vice president decides to announce. >> and one of those strategic objectives might also center around this benghazi committee hearing that senator clinton will be testifying before tomorrow. but that might also be one of those artificial deadlines. we'll continue to wait with you, luis. thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up for us, he won't give up family time, and he won't deal with infighting. those are two of paul ryan's demands to get him to run to be the next house speaker. so has he won over any of the skeptics yet? one of those house republicans is joining us next. plus, hillary clinton behind closed doors. she is now preparing to face republicans on the benghazi committee. one of those republicans says this whole thing, it's worse than watergate.
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this morning the capitol hill cliff-hanger, call it as the gavel turns. cnn has learned that john boehner has scheduled october 28th for a vote on the next house speaker. the question is will paul ryan be running? >> i just can't get past "the gavel turns." >> "as the gavel turns." like sands through the hourglass. >> paul ryan says that he will go for the job, but he has a wish list. some might even think it's more of a pipe dream. within condition, the entire frakt schuss gop conference must get behind him.
8:17 am
john boehner the outgoing speaker, spoke just moments ago, praising ryan. >> listen, i think paul ryan would make a great speaker. we all know paul ryan, right? he's a very good member. he works hard. he's very bright. and he has a good relationship, i think, with all the wing s of the party. that's why i think he'll be doing fine. >> he'll be doing fine. let's bring in thomas massey of kentucky. it's great to see you. >> thanks for having me, kate. >> will you back paul ryan? >> you know, i'm not sure he wants the job. his list of demands were so bold, they pass into almost the unreasonable. we did a nationwide search for a ceo once of my company, and we had some guy show up that said i want to make sure i can't be fired, and i'm not going to work on weekends. needless to say, we didn't hire that guy because we didn't think he wanted the job. >> i don't think he just answered our question, congressman. are you going to vote for paul ryan for speaker? >> i'm going to vote for daniel
8:18 am
webster for speaker. they both want to bring the conference together. they just disagree on how it should be done. paul ryan thinks the speaker needs more power, and daniel webster thinks that the members need more power. so we all have the same goal here. it's just sort of a differnce of opinion on how to get there. >> let's look at some of this bold list of demands that you're talking about that you think is borderline unreasonable. he wants the party to come together. he wants to be a unifying figure. he does want to change house rules that the rules are made as a team, if you will. he also wants better work/life balance. he said he's not going to travel as much to raise money. how bold really are these demands? >> well, you know, to make sure that everybody will vote for him is a bold list. he said that he wanted every caucus in the gop to be for him. but i'd like to remind him the chairman of the tea party caucus and the chairman of the liberty caucus are two guys he kicked off the budget committee. so it could be tough to get
8:19 am
unanimity. i really appreciate his desire to spend time with his family. frankly, that's why i wouldn't take the job for speaker. i mean, that's a tough decision right there. but i think it's sort of an unreasonable demand to say you're not going to work on weekends. >> congressman, is paul ryan going to be your next speaker, though? do you think that you -- and i've heard a few other names -- say they would not support him? do you think you have the votes to block him? >> i'm not -- again, i'm not sure he wants the job. i think this might have been a good way that he's turning down the job. it's going to be close. let me just say that. >> so you think there are others besides you willing to stand up -- >> yeah. >> -- and not give paul ryan the yunanimity you say he wants? >> that's right. daniel webster is still in the race and there are a lot of people still backing webster. >> what did you hear from paul ryan that's going to change it? what i'm hearing right now is nothing. >> well, he'd have to say he wants to give up some of the power instead of have more power. and even if he got -- >> congressman, you are not
8:20 am
going to get that from anyone who's actually going to win the job as speaker of the house. >> that's what daniel webster says. i think it's the only winnable platform if you're trying to get everybody to be for you, and the grass roots. the grass roots are why john boehner's leaving. >> you're why. you're why john boehner's leaving. >> it's called you. >> you and other members like you and other members stopped kevin mccarthy from taking over the job. that's not a criticism. i think that's just basically a statement of fact. you guys got in the way of kevin mccarthy becoming speaker. so my question to you is what have you won at this point? you helped push boehner out of office. you helped kevin mccarthy from becoming speaker. now the guy who looks like he may get the job, the white house says they like him a lot. they say they like making deals with paul ryan. he may emerge to that chair with that gavel with more power than any speaker over the last decade. >> well i recognize the white house and harry reid may be trolling us by saying they like paul ryan. they might like the disruption. but let me tell you what is
8:21 am
going to come out of this chaos. concurrent with the speaker race is an effort to change the rules of the house, the way this place works. and regardless of who wins, i think we are going to get some changes in the way this place works. >> on this demand that he's making, on this list of demands, especially the demand that he's not going to give up family time is one thing. that stuck out to a lot of people that, wow, this is a man who's trying to figure out a work/life balance that a lot of us haven't been able to accomplish. you think he's trying to demand his way out of contention, though? >> that's what i think. and look, i'm sympathetic to his demands. if you say that the speaker's job now includes getting to go home every weekend to your family, i expect we have 50 more people that would take the job under those conditions. >> congressman thomasie, it's great to see you. thank you so much. keep us updated. >> all right. i will. >> we're marking you down as a no vote. >> a soft no, maybe? we'll see. we'll check with you tomorrow.
8:22 am
>> a no for paul ryan, a yes for daniel webster. >> great to have you with us. >> thank you. this just in on a completely different note. chris rock is going to host the academy awards. >> not running for the speaker's chair. >> as far as we know, not yet. chris rock has already hosted once. he did it back in 2005. neil patrick harris was the last host of the oscars. the ratings were not p particularly high for that. the oscars will be held on february 28th. he did get some criticism last time he hosted. some people didn't like his jokes. i happened to think he was hilarious. >> it's hard to be perfect in that role. coming up for us, the cover-up is worse than watergate. that's what one congressman says about the investigation into the becomes benghazi attacks. he's joining us as he and the committee prepare to take on hillary clinton. no dashcam, no bodycam. many questions this morning after a man was killed in his
8:23 am
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this morning a deadly shooting is raising questions. a police officer in palm beach county, florida, shot a man whose car had broken down late at night. investigators now say it was a case of misidentification on the part of both men. >> according to officer newman ross's report, that man, corey jones, confronted him with a gun. the officer was in an unmarked car and not in uniform. at the time. but the family of corey jones says that doesn't sound like corey at all. they want answers, and they also want the officer -- they also want this from the officer. >> i would plead to him to tell the truth. the truth is going to make you free. come forward and tell the truth.
8:28 am
>> manny machado is following all the developments. alina, what are you learning right now about more what exactly happened? >> reporter: well, kate, this family obviously still has a lot of questions about what happened that night. we've learned this morning that according to a law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation, officer newman raja called in on the radio saying that he was going to check on what he thought was an abandoned car on an exit ramp on interstate 95. again, he wasn't in plainclothes. he was in an unmarked car and working a burglary detail at the time. the source tells us there had been burglars in the area in recent days and that some of them had parked near that off-ramp. police say as the officer was getting out of his car, he was suddenly confronted by corey jones who they say was armed. that's when police say raja fired his weapon and killed jones. police said yesterday that a handgun was recovered from the scene and that records show that jones had actually purchased that handgun just three days
8:29 am
before the encounter. an attorney for the family for the jones family has said that jones did carry a handgun for his personal protection and that that handgun was legally purchased. a source also says, as you mentioned, that this may very well be a case of misidentification on both parts. raja, perhaps, wasn't as clear that he was a police officer, and jones may not have heard him and perhaps took out his gun to protect himself. >> there are no records with our agency of any complaints, disciplinary actions, or internal affairs investigations against officer raja. >> reporter: now, that was the police chief talking about the officer who was involved in the shooting. our understanding is that officer raja was relatively new to this police department. he was just hired in april of this year. but he had several years of experience with a much smaller department before joining this one.
8:30 am
and raja, as you know, is common in these circumstances. he is on paid administrative leave. the sheriff's office, we're told, is conducting an independent review of this shooting. >> all right, alina, thank you so much. also new this morning, on a very similar note, a new york city police officer, though, is dead after being shot in the head while chasing a robbery suspect. 33-year-old randolph holder and his partner. they were responding to a call about someone being robbed at gunpoint in east harlem. police say the two were then chasing down suspects. shots rang out, hitting holder in the head. he died hours later in the hospital. >> it was a pretty chaotic scene overnight. dozens of officers, once he got to the hospital, lined up outside to salute their fallen colleague. officials say the suspect was wanted in connection with a previous shooting. that suspect is in the hospital this morning and is expected to be released into police custody. holder is now the fourth officer killed in the line of duty in the last 11 months.
8:31 am
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a huge day shaping up tomorrow on capitol hill. a showdown that could have fallout reaching all the way into the 2016 presidential race. hillary clinton versus the republican-led house benghazi committee. >> this is the committee that w one republican member said it's politic
8:36 am
political, trying to score points against hillary clinton, but republican leaders say they are focussed on the four americans who lost their lives at the u.s. diplomatic outpost in libya, in benghazi in 2012. a lot of talk about what's going on inside the committee. we have a man on that committee, congressman mike pompeo of kansas. he joins us now live. congressman, thanks for being with us. >> great to be with you, john. >> one of the things we've heard over the last several months, don't criticize the committee because you don't know what's been happening. this morning we heard from democratic congressman adam schiff who is on the committee. and he said after 17 months, after $4.5 million, we haven't learned anything new that contradicts the core conclusions of the eight other investigations that went on before. is he wrong? >> yeah, mr. schiff's just dead wrong. it's unfortunate that the democrats on the committee haven't lifted a finger to help us get the answers about these four americans who were killed. we've been working at this. we've conducted dozens of interviews. we'll speak with former secretary clinton tomorrow. we'll continue our investigation after that.
8:37 am
just two days ago, we received 1300 additional pages of documents. these are e-mails from the senior person on the ground who was then killed, ambassador stevens. this investigation continues, and i'm confident that the american people will see our hard work in getting answers about how it is the case that these four americans were killed and what america needs to do to reduce the risk that something like this could ever possibly happen again. >> now, congressman, on this investigation, you said sunday that it is worse in some ways than watergate. someone who knows something about watergate is carl bernstein, one of obviously the reporters who uncovered, exposed, the watergate scandal. he said this. about that comparison. >> there's no resemblance between watergate and what we're watching now with benghazi and hillary clinton. watergate was about a criminal president of the united states who presided over a criminal presidency from his first days in office till the last. whatever hillary clinton has done, it is nothing resembling that, and it's time to get the
8:38 am
decks cleared on that once and for all. >> did you overreach there, congressman? >> not a bit. in many dimensions, this is worse than watergate. >> what dimensions? >> remember, we had four americans killed here. that's unique and different. remember, too, that we had a secretary of state who had a private server and then erased 30,000 of those e-mails without any third party ever having a chance to look at them. i'd add to that, we still have many, many unanswered questions that we've got to get the facts about. and so i stand by that statement. in many dimensions, this is worse than what happened there. by the way -- >> watergate was a criminal conspiracy, though, carl bernstein is saying. >> that's correct. >> where is the criminal conspiracy here? >> well, sir, we have an active fbi investigation still ongoing, trying to determine the scope of the risk to national security that was presented by what was potentially classified information not contained in a classified space.
8:39 am
the fbi doesn't investigate things and spend resources without it being a very serious matter. >> so all eyes now tomorrow on capitol hill, on you, on the committee, on hillary clinton. what exactly -- if you had only one question for her, what's the one question you want answered? >> ma'am, i can't boil it down to one question. we've got a lot of information that we want to get. she was the senior diplomat for the united states when our first ambassador was killed since 1979. we have a lot of things that we need to learn. she has unique information, and i am optimistic that we'll get those facts tomorrow. >> so the committee does have a perception problem. and we've seen the chairman now trying to battle that perception problem over the last few days. there's a poll that came out about 25 minutes ago, and it asked people what they thought about the benghazi committee. look at that. 52% say they believe the panel was more interested in going after clinton than learning the facts. how can you turn that around tomorrow? >> so i have to tell you, i'm
8:40 am
focused on our mission. i served in the army for a number of years. i know how to stay on mission. we have a single goal. it's to ensure that something like this can't happen again and to hold those who were responsible for these four americans being killed are held accountable. tawil be our mission tomorrow. i think the american people will see that. i think they'll see a back-centric investigation and set of inquiries tomorrow. and then after tomorrow they'll see our committee write a report that i think will explain to the american people why we've been doing what we're doing and why it was important that this committee was established. >> but doesn't -- i understand that you stay on mission and you say you're going to ind foo the facts and you're going to follow the facts where they lead you. but doesn't perception matter? if this poll had said that 52% thought you wanted to learn the facts rather than take on hillary clinton, i can promise you a lot of republicans on that committee would be sending me that poll personally. doesn't the perception of what the american public believes congress is doing with their dollars matter? >> yes, ma'am. but there's only certain things
8:41 am
that one can control. in my life, i've found that there's things we can impact and things that we cannot. our task is to do our job. to perform our mission and to communicate what it is we're doing and we're doing that. and i am optimistic that tomorrow folks will see that. i saw today the clinton campaign put out a video trying to castigate what this committee is doing. no member of our committee has politicized this in that way. that is a fundamental politicization of this committee. and i just think that's unfortunate. >> can i close with one admittedly political question not about the benghazi panel? can i just put up the latest abc news poll which shows donald trump way out in front in the race. you are a republican office holder. how do you explain the current state of the republican race with donald trump out in front for such a long time? >> i think the american people are taking a good, hard look at a whole bunch of our candidates. i am excited about the field. we've got great leaders, many of them from the next generation. i think this is going to be a
8:42 am
great discussion over the next several months, and i am confident that our nominee will be successful a year from now. >> you say focused on your mission in benghazi. you're also good at staying on message when it comes to presidential politics, congressman. >> appreciate you being with us. >> thanks. have a great day. it will be a big day tomorrow. the benghazi hearings. hillary clinton testifying. cnn will cover it all. we will bring you live coverage beginning at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. do not miss a single second of it. coming up for us still, she took on trump, and by most accounts, she won. >> i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> carly fiorina, she seized that moment during the republican debate. cnn republican debate. and the polls showed it afterwards. but now where did carly fiorina go? a big drop in the polls. can she turn it around? strippers, escorts, sex parties, all trying allegedly to allure basketball players to one
8:43 am
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new this morning, one of the nation's most successful college basketball programs under fire. sex, cash, strippers, allegations of x-rated recruitment. according to espn, five former recruits confirm the louisville cardinals' former assistant coach paid women to strip and have sex with them at parties.
8:48 am
one of them says, quote, it was like i was in a strip club. >> the new allegations come after former -- a former escort released a tell-all book about it. in the book, she says the former assistant coach paid her $10,000 for supplying dancers. and head coach rick pitino, he still says he has no idea this was happening. let's bring in cnn sports anchor rachel nichols for more on this. where do you want to begin? what is going on here? >> i mean, high school seniors right now all around the country are doing their college visits, right? do you think their parents want them sent off to the school who would then provide them prostitutes upon arrival? not good. the allegation here that this woman made in her book, and espn went and found five former recruits and players that backed her up is that basically they used this as a recruiting tool. and she describes how these stripper parties then turned into sex including with some of her own daughters. take a listen.
8:49 am
>> he would start the music, and usually the girls would come out one by one. and they would dance for the recruit. he asked me, is there any girls that want to, you know, make extra money, pretty much side deal with the players? and i was, like, i'll ask. so i asked the girls, you know, anybody want to make extra money? and their eyes just lit up like, well, yeah. i said, does pitino know about this? and he said, "he's rick. he knows about everything." >> that's a reference, of course, to rick pitino, the hall of fame college basketball coach, by the way. and he has, as you mentioned, denied any knowledge of this. but then the lawyer for the assistant coach has come out and said, hey, all the money that was alleged to have changed hands here, this guy was a low-paid assistant coach. he said he didn't have enough money to do this. so the question is where did the money come from? and also, even if rick pitino didn't know, should he have known? there is a new ncaa rule that came into effect this year that basically holds the head coach responsible for anything that goes on in his program.
8:50 am
you would think this would fall under that. >> no, that's the question there. he's rick pitino. he knows everything. that's what she alluded to there. this is not the guy known as a laissez-faire let the program run itself. what are the implications, you think, for him here? >> you know, the school as of right now is standing behind him. which a lot of people are scratching their head at even right now. and we are still waiting for a lot of this to come out. rick pitino has come out to a couple outlets and said hey, i'm calling on this assistant coach, mcgee, to explain himself. he's got to explain himself. making this story more crazy. >> he's not at the school any doll more. >> no, he's not. making the story more crazy if it could get more crazy because come on, strippers, basketball players, whatever, that this all happened on a dorm on campus that is named after rick pitino's former brother-in-law who sadly died in the september 11th terrorist attacks. so if this did happen and turns out to be the downfall of pitino's career, the fact that
8:51 am
this turns out to be another odd element of the recruiting story, and at the odd time, some of the best recruiting classes, louisville got some of the best players to commit to the school and maybe now we know why. >> the fact that five former recruits are coming out the confirm the story is astonish g astonishing. >> and thank you, rachel. she brought the a-game to the republican debates and showed the nation that she can take on donald trump and go toe-to-toe with the man, and why is carly furna faltering? we will talk to one of her biggest supporters ahead in this hour. hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save
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be part of the conversation. queen. in a good way. with all the latest episodes of your favorite dramas, xfinity on demand let's you catch up and keep up with fall tv. don't get voted out of the tv gossip. be part of the conversation. with all the latest episodes of your favorite reality shows, xfinity on demand let's you catch up and keep up with fall tv. so what happened to carly fiorina? the meteoric rise to the potop
8:56 am
tier of the republican gop race, and now suddenly she is facing a nosedive. >> a month ago her polls were at 15%, and now she is at 4%, but even if your math is not that good, it is a drop of 11%, and when did it happen and how did it happen? we are joined by nan o'hair who is going the join us. and simply, 11 points in a month, and things were going so well for carly fiorina and what happened? >> and they still are. she is concentrating right now rightly so on the ground game in a iowa, south carolina and new hampshire and nevada. if you are going to be looking at the polling in the states that she is doing exceedingly well and she is on the ground everywhere, andhave seen it personally first-hand. shes has such conviction and
8:57 am
eloquence and a depth of knowledge that she makes friends and committed supporters everywhere she goes, and with are seeing that. >> and when you talk to some of the pundits about what has happened to carly, and what is behind that number drop a lot of folks say that she did not do enough to mobilize or capitalize on after these two successful debates, and any talk of changing the strategy or any knowledge of a misstep there? >> well, truly, there has not been a misstep. she is doing an incredible job mobilizing in the states where she needs to be most -- >> well, where is that? because she is not over 10% in any key early voting state. >> and top positions in second and third on october 49, a poll in new hampshire, and i dont 't know if it was an cnn poll, but she was actually second in new hampshire. and she has been doing very, very well among the voters on the the ground, and that is where she needs to be. if you look at the piece
8:58 am
yesterday in the "atlantic u "and look at a graph of the national media coverage and national media mentions, car areally is substance over showmanship, and right now, showmanship is dominating the national media coverage, and those mentions go with the national numbers, but those are not the numbers to watch. >> i would also say that we will have her on any day to have her on and happily put her on to talk about her strategy and have carly fiorina on. >> and as you know, she is amazing when she speaks, it is wonderful to hear. >> and on the national platform and i appreciate that she is out there in the early voting states, but we have our fingers on that, too, and she is not out there as much and she is certainly not even getting the local press coverage that other candidates are, and not necessarily talking about donald trump? >> well, i would dispute the premise of that, and she has been making remarkable strides
8:59 am
amle mong voters who have not known her at all, and if you look at how she has advanced it is by multiples versus where she was before, and she is probably the least known among the candidates, and her debate performanc performances, and this is the national stage, and we have seen how that, she gets that response, and the next debate i am sure that it will be the same, but that is what she is doing everywhere she goes across the country. >> what's the conversation about taking on donald trump? i mean, you can see that he is the front rrunner now, and he h been for the months, and in the latest polls he is at 32%, and far and away everybody else, and has it worked for carly fiorina to take on donald trump, and you can't ignore the front rupper or maybe you can. >> the contrast is so clear. carly fur na -- carly fiorina is
9:00 am
substance. and nobody can say what is it like to have dealt with world leaders like vladimir putin or benjamin netanyahu, and she has the experience and the expertise and the intellect that make her an incredible leader and voice and will make her a great president. >> and she has a chance to show it again next week on the debate page. than you, nan hayworth, and any time she wants to come on here, and you as well. thank you for watching, everybody. >> "legal view with ashleigh banfield" starts right now. >> instead of campaign speeches tomorrow, she is going to be under oath answering questions about benghazi and could this be hillary clinton's make or break moment? and also, he was on the way home from churchhe


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